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    What is a Parlay wager?

    A wager on one team is called a Straight Bet.

    MyBookie allows bettors to combine multiple selections into one wager. This is called a Parlay.

    When you create Parlays wagers, every selection added to your bet slip increases the wager odds and your potential payout. This makes Parlays a potentially quick way to score a huge profit on a small wager. For your bet to win, every selection in the parlay must win.

    To create a Parlay simply:

    • Add your wager selections to the Bet Slip (displayed on the right side of the homepage).
    • Select the ‘Parlay’ option in the Bet Slip and enter your Bet Amount.
    • Click place bet and follow the confirmation process to completion.

    Not all wagering options can be combined into a Parlay:

    • Proposition plays and future bets can’t be parlayed.
    • MyBookie allows a maximum underdog odds of +500 for circled plays included in parlays.
    • In case of a tie or no action, the parlay will revert to a lower-level payoff, except in a 2-team parlay (tie reverts to a straight bet).

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