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    How do I play in the MyBookie SuperContest?

    Contestants in the MyBookie Supercontest earn points by picking five NFL games each week, against the spread.

    Each correct pick earns one point, each push earns a half-point. The contestants with the most points earned throughout the season will be declared winners.

    To make your weekly picks in the MyBookie contest, follow these simple instructions:

    1. Log into your MyBookie account.
    2. Enter the SuperContest application.
    3. Click on ‘My Entries’ to view all purchased entries.
    4. Click the ‘Make Picks’ button to view the game sheet for each entry.
    5. Click the team you’d like to select. Your pick will save automatically.
    6. Select five teams to fill your game sheet.

    NOTE: You can change your selection any time until the scheduled kickoff time for each game. All games lock at their scheduled kickoff time. Once a game locks, the pick is confirmed and cannot be changed.

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