Cash App: Buying your Crypto

Step 1. Creating a Cash App account

1. Open Google Play/App Store on your Mobile Device
2. Download the app Cash App and install
3. Open the app and enter your Mobile Phone Number
4. A confirmation code will be sent as SMS, entered the code in the Confirmation Code Box
5. Add a debit card entering the information requested
6. Enter your full name
7. Choose $Cashtag/Nick Name
8. The Cash App account is created and you can invite friends, so that you and your friends can receive $5 to test it, or skip this step and start using the app.

Step 2. Enable Bitcoin Withdrawals on Cash App*

1.  Tap the Cash App Profile Icon on the top left

2.  Scroll down and select Bitcoin

3.  Scroll Down to “Enable Withdrawals” on the Cash App 

4.  Follow the prompts that come up to verify your identity. 

At this point Cash APP will ask for access to the mobile device camera. Grant access and follow the instructions to take a picture of the front and back of an ID and a selfie.

5.  It will show Verification in Progress until verified (approx. 20 hours)

Once verified, Cash APP will show “Bitcoin Transfers Enabled

Step 3. Buy BTC on Cash App

1. Open your Cash App
2. Click on the profile icon on the top left corner of the screen
3. Scroll down to funds and Tap “Bitcoin”.
4. Read the Pop-Up screen and Tap Got It or Learn More to read more about BTC
5. Select “Buy” on the next screen
6. Type the amount of BTC you want to buy on USD and “Confirm
7. Type your full name, date of birth, last 4 of your SSN and your address
8. Choose a 4-digit pin and confirm it (For the 1st transaction, you need to go to the buy motion one more time)
​9. Tap on “Buy” and confirm the amount
10. Confirm with the newly created 4-digit pin  —If the pin is correct the app will display a confirmation with the amount of BTC purchased—
11. Tap “Done” and you will be brought back to the amount section that will display the updated balance
*Cash App is a Crypto Exchange used to buy Cryptocurrencies and should be used in connection to a Crypto Wallet. We do not send withdrawals to your Cash App.
The minimum deposit via Bitcoin is $20 and the maximum $10.000. Please note that a $5 fee will be applied to deposit under $20, deposits under $5 dollars will not be credited in any amount.

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