Cash App: Sending Bitcoin (BTC)

1. Open Ca$hApp
2. Tap on the Profile icon on the top left corner of the screen
3. Scroll down to funds and tap Bitcoin (BTC)
4. You will see the amount available in your Ca$hApp account with the options to “Buy” and “Sell
5. Scroll down to the wallet section and tap ‘Withdraw Bitcoin’
6. Type the amount of BTC you want to send and tap ‘Withdraw’
7. You can either scan the QR code or select Enter Manually and paste the address and tap “Next
8. Confirm the BTC Wallet Address by entering it again
8.1 Review the info and tap confirm
8.2 Confirm with the previously created 4-digit pin
8.3 The withdraw is now initiated
9. The transaction might take some time and will show as “Pending” in your wallet until it is Confirmed and Completed

MyBookie will never provide a Wallet Address via a promotion e-mail or request your password or PIN via any type of e-mail.

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