Deposit Terms and Conditions

Deposit Terms and conditions

    1. All deposits are subject to management approval. MyBookie reserves the right to accept, deny or reverse any deposits.
    2. If your initial credit card deposit is for the maximum allowed, you must split your initial risk into at least 2 relatively equal bets on separate events. If you don’t, MyBookie can deem your account “non-recreational” and management may decide to void the wagers and return your deposit.
    3. You cannot use the same credit card or bank account number to fund more than one account.
    4. The name on the credit card you use to make deposits must be the same name registered to your MyBookie account. Third-party credit card deposits are not allowed. MyBookie will consider any third-party deposits you make in error to be invalid, and MyBookie will void any winnings resulting from such deposits.
    5. Deposit limits vary by method. Management must approve any limit increase. MyBookie reserves the right to request sufficient documentation from any customer to validate your identity before increasing any limits. Providing documentation will not guarantee any increase in deposit limits.
    6. Deposit options may vary depending on your location. For a complete list of deposit options, please contact MyBookie’s customer service team or email [email protected].
    7. Any customer found to be committing fraud of any kind with credit cards or other electronic payment methods will be subject to criminal and/or civil prosecution.
    8. Customers automatically forfeit all winnings resulting from the illicit use of credit cards or other electronic payment methods.
    9. The descriptor on your credit card billing statement may vary from one transaction to the next as MyBookie uses different Payment Provider companies. If you’re unsure about a charge reflected on your statement, please contact the MyBookie security department at [email protected].
    10. The default currency in the MyBookie cashier is U.S. dollars. If your account is in a different currency, you must contact the MyBookie customer service department prior to any deposit to receive proper instructions.
    11. MyBookie won’t automatically credit deposits processed outside of the MyBookie cashier. It’s your responsibility to contact MyBookie’s customer service department in order to inform them of the deposit and ensure it’s credited in a timely manner.
    12. MyBookie isn’t responsible for deposits made to the customer service department without notification.
    13. If MyBookie credits funds to your account in error, it’s incumbent that you notify MyBookie of the error immediately. MyBookie reserves the right to cancel any pending wagers on accounts with negative balances, whether or not you placed those wagers with funds resulting from the error.
    14. MyBookie can’t be held liable for any wagers you miss due to a delay stemming from a transaction error or a third-party payment provider.
    15. MyBookie will cover fees for person-to-person transfers of $300 or more.
    16. MyBookie won’t be liable for any additional fees charged by your banking institution. This includes cash advance fees, international processing or currency fees, overdraft fees or administrative banking fees.
    17. MyBookie relies on the service of third-party payment providers and can’t be held liable for any failure on their part.
    18. The availability of deposit methods is subject to change without prior notice.
    19. House deposit rules supersede any verbal or written offering by any MyBookie employee.
    20. In some jurisdictions, online gaming activities may be restricted to government-owned and managed lotteries, sports and horse wagering. In some cases, it may not be permitted. It’s your sole responsibility to inform yourself of your local laws before funding your account.

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