Casino: How Bonuses Work

In order to understand how our Casino bonuses and offers work, we have compiled a short list of certain words and terms with which you need to be familiar before starting to play for real money.

Here’s a brief look at these terms and their respective meanings, per the Casino bonuses and offers at MyBookie.

  • Bonus Balance: This refers to any bonus winnings that haven’t met wagering requirements on our site. It also refers to bonus money received in your account.
  • Cash Balance: This is any balance that is available on your account for immediate withdrawal by the player or user. The cash balance usually consists of accumulated winnings, deposited funds, and bonus money that hasn’t met wagering requirements on our site.
  • Total Balance: This is the sum total of the cash and bonus balances in your account.
  • The maximum amount that can be withdrawn from winnings generated by casino bonuses is $10,000. Once a withdrawal is requested, the remaining funds will be reduced to zero.
  • Wagering Rollover Requirements: This refers to the amount of money a player needs to bet in order to release it for withdrawal.
  • Why are wagering requirements used?
    Every gaming site and online casino uses a set of wagering (“rollover”) requirements to help prevent fraud and abuse of bonuses. Without these requirements, anyone could request payouts, or even get a bonus without playing. That undermines the logic and fundamentals behind running online casinos and gaming sites.

Visit the Casino bonus terms and conditions. Learn about Casino Rollover contribution.



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