Game Disconnections & Frozen Games

Game Disconnections and Frozen Games are two of the more common issue types you might face when playing in Online Casinos. This is because the system relies on connectivity from both the user and the website on a constant basis, and any interruption in service for even a second may cause a game to disconnect/freeze.

The following are typical situations that occur because of a game disconnection/freeze:

    • Game got an error message, and I can’t get back into the game
    • Game Froze and I lost the funds from my spin/hand
    • Disconnected and funds are missing

What should I do if my game Disconnects/Freezes?

Whenever you disconnect or a game freezes you should try the following troubleshooting steps:

    • Close the game entirely and try and re-enter the game, your game may resume where it was prior to the disconnect.
    • If you still can’t re-access the game, you should sign out of your account. Then clear your browser’s cache & cookies. Once you’ve completed that, sign back in, and try and re-access the game.

After you’ve followed the above steps, you’ll typically be able to resume your game where you left off with your balance intact.

If you still can’t access the game or if you’re missing funds in your account balance, we suggest contacting support and providing the following information:

  • Date & Time of Incident:
  • Name of the Game:
  • Bet Amount when Error Occurred:
  • Steps Taken: (explain you’ve tried logging in and out and clearing cache)
  • Error Message:
  • Description of issue:

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