Universal Multi-Hand Blackjack – Perfect Pairs

What is a Perfect Pairs Bet?

Perfect Pairs is a side bet that you can make in addition to your main blackjack bet. You are betting that your first two cards will be the same card.

You will win if both of the initial cards dealt to you are the same, and the payout is higher if the cards are of the same color (ex. Diamond + Heart) or if they are the exact same card (perfect pair).

Payout Structure for Perfect Pair Bets

Hand Payouts
Perfect Pair 25:1
Colored Pair 12:1
Mixed Pair 6:1


Players will receive either 6:1, 12:1, or 25:1 if they are dealt the same first two cards.

How to Place a Perfect Pair Bet

You can place a PP bet by placing the desired chip size in the PP zone. Note: You must first place the main bet before you will be allowed to place your PP bet.

The PP bet must be smaller than your main Blackjack bet.

Maximum Perfect Pair Bet? 

The maximum you can bet on the perfect pairs side bet is $100. Note: your main blackjack bet must be larger than your Perfect Pair bet.


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