The MyBookie “Divorce” Calculator

Two things that have been put to the test more than anything in quarantine are certain: marriages and sports fans’ patience, and now you can place bets on whether your friends’ marriages will last with a new Divorce Calculator that gives the odds of people splitting up.

The Divorce Calculator is fun tool we put together so you and your friends can have some laughs while we wait for our beloved sports to return.

Either partner in a couple, or even a friend, can fill out a questionnaire on MyBookie’s website and receive the odds on whether the marriage will last or not. Questions include about what you’d expect them to: Does your partner follow their exes on social media? Do you both vote for the same political party? Has either partner contracted COVID-19?

Additionally, if you’re looking to wager on Celebrity Divorces, you can find the odds here.

Visit our How to bet help section to learn how to bet on Sports with MyBookie.

Psst: You can get your divorce odds anonymously (no need to login). Yeah, you are welcome!


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