Absence of Sporting events due to COVID19 (Coronavirus)

Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by this severe virus, the well-being of athletes and every sports fan is a priority. Efforts to fully contain this virus will continue, and this includes the cancellation of almost every major sport event in the world.

Each cancelled event is being updated as official statements are made by the respective league and association. Your bets will be graded as per our Wagering Rules and Regulations for canceled and postponed events.

We want all of our customers to stay safe while we keep providing you with our best entertainment options. We are hoping these uncertain times get a satisfactory resolution soon.

Check out our available events under the Sportsbook and our brand new Simulated Wagering section. Stay safe and have fun at our online Casino.

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Visit our Coronavirus sports betting schedule 2020 return of sports dates.

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