Casino: Game and Live dealer disconnections/issues

We may occasionally experience disconnections to our game servers. This is a normal occurrence to all internet companies.  When this happens we will do everything we can to compensate any discrepancies caused by a disconnection.

If you have experienced a disconnection and feel you have incurred in an unfair loss, please follow these steps so that we may assist you:

  1. Login to your MyBookie account
  2. Click on your account menu
  3. Select ‘Account History
  4. Navigate to the date and time of the incident
  5. Copy and paste all the information of the incident: Game name, type, Table ID Date and time , amount bet and any losses. Be sure to include an explanation of the incident and any other information you deem relevant. If you provide incomplete or incorrect information our response may take longer.
  6. Contact Support services and provide them the information collected for assistance
  7. Our agents will review your account profile as well as check our Gaming Providers connection and validate the information of the incident.
  8. After the proper investigation is completed and verified, a ruling should come to you as soon as possible which will include all relevant information to substantiate our decision. Our time frame may be from 8 to 48 hours depending on the complexity of the issue.

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