How to calculate the Sports rollover requirement

Rollover requirement (w) is calculated based on your deposit (d) plus bonus, (b) multiplied by the rollover amount (r).

Rollover Formula  w = (d+b)r

The amount of the rollover varies according to the bonus you select. For instance, our 50% Sign Up Bonus has a 10x rollover whereas our 25% reload bonus has a 5x rollover. The amount of the rollover will determine how much wagering action you must place before proceeding with a payout request.

Example using the Rollover formula: You deposit $100 and receive the 100% sign up bonus with a ten time (10x) rollover

Deposit  Bonus   Rollover Rollover Requirement
$100 $100 10 times $2000

($100+$100) x 10 = $2000

What this means is you must place $2000 in total action, regardless of winning or losing the wagers, to meet the rollover requirement and thus be eligible for a withdrawal.

Example: You deposit $100 and receive the 25% reload bonus with a five time (5x) rollover

Deposit  Bonus   Rollover Rollover Requirement
$100 $25 5 times $625

($100+$25) x 5 = $625

To learn how to conveniently check the rollover progress bar in your account menu click here. You can also reach out to our customer service team by email at, by phone at 1-844-866-2387 or via the chat box at the bottom of your MyBookie screen. It would be our pleasure to calculate this for you.

Important: Please note that only the lowest amount between the risk and the win counts towards your rollover requirement.

    For instance: KC Chiefs (-110) $110.00 to win $100.00. $100.00 would be applied towards the pending rollover and not $110.

Tip: If you are planning on withdrawing shortly after your deposit you can accept no bonus to avoid the rollover requirement.

For more information about the Rollover requirement visit our Rollover Help Section. For an in-depth explanation and examples for Casino Rollover visit this link.

Please note that the ‘risk’ amount of a free play does not count toward any of the rollover.

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