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Win with gems of ALL shapes and sizes in GEMMED!, the latest slots game by MyBookie. Featuring 40503 ways to win and an innovative reel system, hunting for wins has never been this fun.

The game uses a 9×9 grid with special reels that allow for symbols of different sizes. Payouts are awarded via contiguous symbols, which are symbols that touch each other, either adjacent or diagonally. Bigger symbols are worth more as they will pay out ALL payline combinations that pass through them and form a winning combination.

There’s always action around the corner. With reels packed with symbols of all values and amazing wilds, you never know when the next win will come around! Look out for the GEM CLUSTERS to trigger the free spins round! Hunt for gems, make it shine, and win big in GEMMED!

Game Features

• GEMMED! is a 40503 ways-to-pay slot with an innovative reel system, wild symbols, and rare gem clusters that trigger free spins rounds.

• PACKED REELS – Search for the finest gems through all nooks and crannies in a unique and fun reel system with big symbols that serve as composite symbols.

• ALCHEMICAL SQUARES – Look out for the special, rainbow-tinted ALCHEMICAL SQUARES that function as wilds and can lead to amazing wins.

• GEM CLUSTERS – Look out for the gem clusters on the reels to trigger the FREE SPINS rounds. Up to a maximum of 81 can be found on the reels, leading to crazy bonus games.


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