How to add a selection to an open parlay

  1. Go to MyBookie and sign in.
  2. Make your parlay bet with at least 1 open spot.
  3. Place the bet and confirm it.
  4. Tap/Click on open bets to see the list of open bets.
  5. Tap/Click on the “Fill Open Spots” button to add a wager to one of the open bets that you submitted with open spots.
  6. Select your wager.
  7. Add the wager to one of the open spots by clicking on “Add Bet” button.
  8. Confirm your bet by pressing the “Place Bet” button or remove the wager from the bet slip by clicking on the “Remove Bet” button.


  • One or more filled open spots can be used to place the bet depending on the number of selections previously made.
  • It is not necessary to fill all open spots in order to place the wager.

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