How to bet on Football

MyBookie makes wagering simple.

First steps

  1. Create a MyBookie Account.
  2. You will need a positive account balance to place a bet. Make a deposit using our available methods.
  3. Choose a Deposit Option. and Select a Bonus.
  4. Deposit Funds into your MyBookie Account.
  5. Learn About Betting Odds and Place Sports Bets.

We have a complete help section on ‘How to bet guides‘ available for you.

Now learn about the types of bets on Football.

Moneyline wager

A Moneyline wager is a bet on the team you think will win Super Bowl LVI. The Los Angeles Rams are a -180 Favorite. This means, every $180 wagered on the Rams would win $100. The Cincinnati Bengals are a +150 Underdog. This means every $100 wagered on the Bengals has a potential return of $150.

Spread wager

Spread wager is a bet on the Margin of Victory of Super Bowl LV. For Super Bowl LV, the Kansas City Chiefs are a 3 ½-point favorite. This is identified by the ‘-3 ½’ label in the Sportsbook. This means, for a wager on the Kansas City Chiefs to win, the Chiefs must win the game by more than 2 ½-points. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a 3 ½-point underdog (+3 ½). This means spread wagers on the Buccaneers are winners if the Buccaneers lose by 2 ½-points or less, or they win the game outright.

Totals wager

Total wager is a bet on the total combined points scored in Super Bowl LV. For Super Bowl LV, odds makers have set the Total at 56½ points*. This means that if the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers combine to score more than 56½ points, wagers on the Over (O 56½) will win. If the Chiefs and Buccaneers combine to score fewer than 56½ points, wagers on the Under (U 56½) will win. If the Chiefs and Buccaneers combine to score exactly 56½ points, wagers are graded as a Push (tie) and your bet is refunded to your account.

Parlay wager

A wager on one team is called a Straight Bet. MyBookie allows bettors to combine multiple selections into one wager. This is called a Parlay. When you create Parlays wagers, every selection added to your bet slip increases the wager odds and your potential payout. This makes Parlays a potentially quick way to score a huge profit on a small wager. For your bet to win, every selection in the parlay must win. To create a Parlay simply:

  1. Add your wager selections to the Bet Slip.
  2. Select the ‘Parlay’ option in the Bet Slip and enter your Bet Amount.
  3. Click Place Bet and follow the confirmation process to completion.

* Not all wagering options can be combined into a Parlay.

Prop wager

Prop wager is a bet on an event within the game. Instead of betting on the game winner, Prop betting allows you to wager on player performances, team performance and more. You can wager on everything from the result of the Coin Flip and length of the National Anthem, to the first touchdown scorer or number of receiving yards for a particular player.

Futures wager

Futures wager is a bet on a future event. The most common Futures wager is on the Champion of a specific sports league. IE: On the day after Super Bowl LV, you can place a wager on the team you think will win Super Bowl LV. On Futures and Propositions, we offer a unique set of betting options available for just about any sport and anything you may find interesting. From NFL, NBA and MMA matches to the Super Bowl and the English Premier League or even the 2020 USA Presidential Election, you can find almost everything. *Odds Subject to Change**Overtime scores count towards Full Game and 2nd Half bets.

To learn more about sports betting, visit our How to bet Guide section.

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