How to bet on Live events, In-Play or Live betting

MyBookie makes Live betting simple.

First steps:

  1. Create a MyBookie Account.
  2. You will need a positive account balance to place a bet. You can make a deposit using our available methods.
  3. Choose a Deposit Option. and Select a Bonus.
  4. Deposit Funds into your MyBookie Account.
  5. Learn About Betting Odds and Place Sports Bets. We have a complete help section on ‘How to bet guides‘ available for you.
  6. Let’s learn about Live betting.

What is a live bet?

Live bets are bets on lines that develop during the game. This can be on many live games, such as the outcome of the next game in the ongoing game or the next series of games in a quarter, half or the entire game itself. The biggest advantage of a live bet is that you can bet on one minute and two minutes later the action is solved, resulting in quick profits.

Live betting at MyBookie has become a huge international sensation, not only to attract millions of players who just love gambling for its profitability but also to sports enthusiasts who bet for recreational purposes. If you apply the right methods, live betting – also known as in-play betting and running betting – can be very profitable with unlimited betting options. Let’s talk about those methods.

Timing your bet

Live betting markets continually change, and various actions – such as goals and bookings – can greatly affect the odds and outcomes. To encourage profitability, you need to keep track of everything and be ready to adjust your bets and in a timely manner. If you have a quick trigger and a fast-thinking brain, you will learn what a two-second decision and reaction can be the difference between winning and losing the bet.

Important: due to the nature of the live event, lines may become unavailable while you are making a bet.  

Choose your market

Like all other bets, choosing the right market plays an important role in your success. And with the hundreds of sports events on offer, it’s important that your choice of bets is well-founded. One such proven method of selecting a market is to narrow down a sport or game you know most about. This way you avoid betting on unfamiliar events or underestimate or overestimate the chances of playing in the same market.

Value of research

When you know the niche or market you are betting on, it is exceedingly important – and advisable – that you learn enough about the players or teams taking part in the game. Previous research on things like loss-of-loss statistics, defense-related offense, suspension, injury, roster, weather, and even referees will help you have a rough idea of ​​what you can expect when the game starts. For example, an NFL team with a good backup from a backup means the team is less likely to struggle if the starting quarterback is injured because of an injury during a game.

The benefits of viewing a game while you bet

We do not recommend excessive emotion in online betting or otherwise if your feelings towards a particular player, team or even referee can influence your decisions. Watching the game while examining the odds of live betting can be important if you put everything into a professional perspective. The advantage here is that you will be able to judge things like momentum in football and therefore be able to make a more informed decision about which team is most likely to score or win the game.

Avoid early and late game bets

It is often tempting to tap a team to score many goals once it has started the game, just as it is tempting to place late bets in the hope of a miracle. The problem, however, is that most teams come into play strongly, which is why they play with power before starting to diminish as the game progresses. In terms of close games, the teams are in the forefront and tend to pull down the clock or play defensively and thus kill opportunities. So, sometimes high-scoring games can result in nothing, including a flurry of scoring goals or points at the end of the game after a lame showing at the far end of the game. So what’s the way forward? Well, there is no single solution at all here, but as a general recommendation, you would rather play safe than sorry, and the only way to do that is to base your decisions on reason.

Start betting on live events now.

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