How to bet on Rugby

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Now learn about the types of bets for Rugby.

Outright Results Betting

Outright Results Betting is one of the most common types of bets that you will see in any sport.

With an outright results bet, you place a bet on the predicted outcome of a Rugby match. In most cases, you will choose the team you expect to win and place your money on them. However, when points spread betting comes into play, this type of bet can get more complicated.

You can look at the odds listed for both Rugby teams to see which team is favoured to win. And then, using those odds, you can calculate how much you would stand to win if you place a wager on that team. It’s just that easy.


Now, this is where betting on Rugby gets more complicated. An accumulator bet is when the profits from a first bet are then added to a second bet with the original stakes. If that bet wins, it is added to a third bet. And it keeps going like so.

When you get to a five-bet accumulator, that is called a fivefold. Over five bets like this are called “permutations.” Permutations are any combination of bets available within these selections.

Permutations allow for losses to occur. So, if one of your bets loses in the permutation, you can still win overall. Permutations are a more advanced sort of Rugby bet.

Half-Time/Full Time

A half-time bet is also a straightforward type of bet. It differs from an outright bet in one major way. And that is that you will place your wager on who will lead the game at halftime.

However, a half-time/full-time bet differs from a half-time bet. In a half-time/full-time bet, you place your money on who you think will lead at half-time and the end of the game in combination. You can bet on the same team to win both halves if you wish, or a combination of both teams.

But, it is important to remember that just because a team is leading at halftime, does not mean they will win the game. So, make sure you do your research before placing this type of bet.

Try Scorer

There are multiple types of Try Scorer bets that you can place. It all depends on the type that interests you. For instance, you can place a bet on the player you believe will score the most trys in the game.

You can also place other kinds of bets on players. You can place a bet on the player you think will be the first to score a try. So, do your research on the players before placing a try-scorer focused bet.


Handicap betting can make games more interesting. A bookmaker will give one team a handicap in a match to make the game more exciting to bet on. Handicap betting is typically used when one time has a significantly greater chance of winning a game.

A handicap can be added to make the betting more even. That way, for the favoured time to win the match, they not only have to win but also overcome the handicap to be the winner in a handicap bet. So, you can see it that is a fun type of bet to place when there is a disparity in skills of two teams set to compete.

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