How to bet on Tennis

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Now let’s learn about the types of bets for Tennis.


Similar to other sports, the most popular way to bet on Tennis is by playing the moneyline — which is another way of saying betting on a player to win the match. Or a “To win” bet.


If Novak Djokovic is +110 on the moneyline against Rafael Nadal +600 in the Australian Open, that means you’d have to bet $110 to win $100 on a Djokovic victory. If Nadal is +600 in the same match, you’d win $600 on a $100 wager.

And just like you can bet the first five innings in Baseball or the first period in Hockey, at MyBookie you can do the same in Tennis if you only want to bet the first set.

Game Spread

Another way to bet on Tennis is to place a bet on the game, or set spread. A lot of times tennis matches will feature big odds, so the spread is a way to level the playing field.


If Novak Djokovic is a -1,100 favorite over Lukas Rosol in a 3-set match, the game spread may be around -4.5. That means Djokovic would need to win five more games than Rosol in the match (6-2, 6-3) to cover the spread.

If Djokovic wins (6-4, 6-4) and you bet the +4.5 on Rosol , you win the bet.

Set Spread

This wager is basically the same setup as the game spread. The only difference is you are betting on sets instead of games.


If Ashleigh Barty is the favorite in her match over Simona Halep, she will also be available at -1.5 sets. If you bet on Barty -1.5 sets and she wins in straight sets (6-3, 6-0) you win the bet. If Halep wins a set, you’d lose.


This is a wager on the total number of games played in a match.


If Radu Albot and Fabio Fognini are playing a 3-set match, the Over/Under may be set at 22.5 games. If you think the match will be close and bet the over, you need the match to last for at least 23 games.

So if Albot wins (7-6, 6-4) that would mean the match comprising 23 total games, and you won your bet. Conversely, if the match ends (6-3, 7-6) you’d lose the wager because the match only went 22 games.


As you would see in other sports, there is a futures market for tennis tournaments. They work the same way as futures odds for March Madness or World Cup would work.

And for the four majors, you can even bet on futures for each quarter.


If you bet Simona Halep -200 to win her quarter at the French Open, she would just need to make it to the semifinals to cash your bet.

Live Betting


If Roger Federer is down 4-0 in the fifth set at Wimbledon, you can bet him +800 live. Then, if he comes back to even the match at four games apiece, you can then take his opponent +400 live, locking in a guaranteed profit.


Tennis accumulators or parlay wagers wrap multiple bets into one and offer higher payouts than if you were to place each bet separately. You can build parlays or accumulators manually at most betting sites by simply selecting multiple bets and then using the betting slip to wrap them all into one accumulator. These types of tennis bets are also sometimes referred to as parlays.

You can add as many selections as you want to a parlay. The more selections in your accumulator, the greater the potential reward. More selections also make your accumulators more difficult to win because every selection must win, no exceptions.


We can define prop bets as wagers involving anything other than who will win an upcoming match or tournament. MyBookie will make tennis props available. Or build your own with our Props builder.

Some examples of tennis prop bets include first set winner, first set score, total games, whether a tie breaker is played in the match.

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