How to use the bet slip

MyBookie’s bet slip is the equivalent of a receipt for the bets you place in electronic form.

It is where you put your selections and enter your stake before confirming your bet.

It records the predictions, odds, and the stake you have risked for all bets.

How to use it:

  • Select a team by clicking their Moneyline, Spread, or total.
  • The selected Team or selection is highlighted in blue.
  • At the upper left-hand corner of the slip, the bet slip will display the team selected and the available bets for that specific selection.
  • Game number, team name, line, and juice applied to the selection are visible.
  • Bet types are displayed in order to choose the type of action to be taken on your selection.

At the bottom of the bet slip there are two boxes:

  • The Bet box is where you put the amount of the bet you want to risk. And the potential winnings will be automatically calculated based on the line or juice. Please note that you can conveniently apply the same amount to all bets by entering the amount and clicking the Set amount to all bets button at the top.
  • The Win box can be used to determine how much money you want to win regardless of the Juice.
  • Under the amount boxes the Buy point’s option is available. By clicking the drop-down menu the buy from ½ a point up to 3 full points per team will become available.

  • The ‘Total bets‘ section will display how many active bets you have on the bet slip.
  • The total bet amount displays how much money is at stake in the session if all your pick tickets are saved.
  • Potential win amount shows the potential winnings in the event that all your picks are winners.
  • A checkbox can be selected to use free play balance for the bet.
  • Clear bet slip‘ button can be selected in case the play is no longer wanted or a new selection needs to be made.
  • Place bet button used to save the tickets and make the bet official.
  • Bet slip displays the bet in a simple fashion, easy to read confirming all info pertinent to the bet.
  • Game number, team, line, and juice are displayed as well as the risk and get.
  • Players can still at this point player choose to cancel the bet or confirm it.
  • Bet slip displays the bets that have been accepted, ticket number, and ticket information.

We recommend using Google Chrome for a better experience.

To understand how to check your previous bets click here.

To learn more about sports betting, visit our How to bet Guide section.

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