What is a Parlay wager?

A wager on one team is called a Straight Bet. MyBookie allows bettors to combine multiple selections into one wager. This is called a Parlay bet.

  • When you create Parlays wagers, every selection added to your bet slip increases the wager odds and your potential payout.
  • This makes Parlays a quick way to score a huge profit on a small wager.
  • Remember that for your bet to win a parlay, every selection in the parlay must win.

To create a Parlay simply:

  1. Add your wager selections to the Bet Slip.
  2. Select the ‘Parlay’ option in the Bet Slip and enter your Bet Amount.
  3. Click ‘Place Bet’ and follow the confirmation process to completion.* Not all wagering options can be combined into a Parlay.

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