“Push” wagers definition

A push bet is an instance of a tie or draw between the MyBookie and you. What happens in an “push” is that the wager was not a won or a miss, but instead, a stalemate that results in a refund of your risk or wager back to your account.

When your bet pushes it is like it never even happened. All bets are void and your money is returned to your account balance.

Straight Bets

You make a straight bet by choosing a team and the associated point spread. The cost of the bet typically is 10/11, or risk $110 to win $100.

Los Angeles Lakers +7 Phoenix Suns -7. If the Suns win by 7 points, both bets result in a “push” or “no action.” MyBookie will return the risked funds.


In case of a tie or no action, the parlay will revert to a lower-level payoff, except in a 2-team parlay (tie reverts to a straight bet).


In the event that any of the teaser selections result in a “push,” the following rules apply:

  • For special teasers, any tie is considered a loss.
  • For 2-team teasers, tie + win = push, and tie + loss = loss.
  • For teasers of 3 or more teams, a tie reverts the teaser to the next lower level (ex.: 4-team teaser with 1 push reverts to a 3-team teaser).

To learn more about sports betting, visit our How to bet Guide section.


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