My Free Bets Rewards Program

MyBookie MY Free Bet Rewards Program

The MyBookie MY Free Bet Rewards Program is the fastest way to get rewarded on your action.

Place a sports bet, collect a star. Collect 10 stars, get a Free Play, it’s that simple.

The more you bet, the more you earn. Plus, for a limited time, your first wager earns you 3 stars towards your first Free Bet!

How it works

  • All real-money sportsbook wagers where the Risk Amount and Win Amount are each $5 or more, earn stars towards your next Free Bet.
  • Wagers in the Casino and Racebook do not earn stars.
  • Your Free Bet will be 10% of the average value of the 10 wagers placed. The value of each wager is determined by the lower amount of the Risk or Win. For example: If you place 10 wagers with an average value of $100, you’ll automatically receive a $10 Free Bet. (10% of $100)
  • MY Free Bet Rewards only need to be wagered once. Do that, and the winnings are yours to spend how you please.
  • When you make a wager, you automatically receive 1 Pending Star. It will remain a Pending Star until that wager is graded as a win or a loss. Once it is graded (win or loss), it will convert to a Confirmed Star at the end of the day.
  • Check your pending stars here (you must be logged in to your MyBookie account to access this feature).
  • All Pending Stars graded as a tie (push) or suspended action, convert into canceled stars.
  • Your Free Bet is automatically credited to your account once you reach 10 Confirmed Stars.
  • There’s no limit on how many Free Bets you can earn, or how big your Free Bet can be. Just keep betting at MyBookie to instantly earn MY Free Bet Rewards.
  • MY Free Bet Rewards come with no restrictions. Opt-out any time.
  • You can only accumulate Stars with bets made online.

Learn how to bet on sports with our guide. Visit our Sportsbook section now.

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