Casino or Sports Wagering error troubleshooting

Sports Claims

If you encounter an error, a casino game unexpectedly freezes or your sports betting experience is frozen or is unsatisfactory due to a disconnection, please contact customer service providing us with:

  1. Date and time of the issue
  2. Game, fight or event in which you experienced the problem
  3. The amount you wagered
  4. Any other information that you believe will help us assist you.

Please provide as much information as possible in order to find a solution for you.

Casino Claims

For Casino claims or game freeze, freezing window, or other casino malfunctions please provide customer service the following information:

  1. Date and Time or Approximate time
  2. Amount of Money on Table
  3. Game ID or Game Name and Hand ID
  4. Error Message (if Applicable)
  5. Device used: Mobile or PC
  6. Operating System: Windows, Mac, iOS or Android

  • All wagering claims must be placed no later than one week from the day the disputed bet was placed.
  • Claims made after this period will not be honored.

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