Fruit Race

FRUIT RACE is a new, unique live game. You won’t need to be spend time selecting your bet, as there’s just one option you can choose. Place a bet and, at the end of the game, see whether your bet won!

The presenter begins each new game by greeting all players. Ten balls are used in the game, each with an image: three blue balls with plums, three red with cherries, three yellow with lemons, and one orange ball with the number 7. In each game, the balls are released into the lottery machine.


The lottery machine is set out as a racing track, which the balls circle several times before being drawn into the result tube at random. Finally, the balls are stacked alongside the image comparison panel where the results are determined and displayed. The objective of the game is to guess the highest number of matching (aligned) images by placing a bet to take part in the draw. Winnings are awarded for 4 or more matches (max. 10), or if only the 7-ball aligns.


To make things easier, bets can be placed up to 100 draws in advance. By default, the stake selected is applied to all draws when you bet on multiple games at once.

In addition to their winnings, bettors can get a bonus in the form of a jackpot. There could be several jackpots in one game.

The betting round for the current and upcoming games lasts for approximately 30 seconds, and the draw lasts for around another 30 seconds. Games are held daily every minute.


1.1. Lottery machine – a certified mechanical device with an elliptical mixing chamber that resembles a racing track. Ten balls are released to circle the track a number of times, thereby mixing at random. A sideways trap door then opens and the balls fall through into the result tube as they move around the mixing chamber. There, they are stacked one on top of another in the vertical part of the result tube.


1.2. Result tube – a transparent tube on the left of the mixing chamber, alongside the image comparison panel. Trap doors are located at the exit and at the entrance to the result tube, and these catch and release the balls. A panel of images is shown next to the result tube.

1.3. Image comparison panel – a special panel depicting drawings of all the images. It is used for comparison with the images on the balls when they are dropped into the result tube. The panel depicts the images in the following order (from bottom to top): 1) three lemons, 2) three cherries, 3) three plums, 4) red seven.

1.4. Result of the game – the number of images in the comparison panel that match (align with) the images on the 10 balls that have dropped into the result tube.

  • Balls – a set of ten (10) colored balls with different images used in the game. The set of balls consists of three (3) blue balls with an image of a plum, three (3) yellow balls with an image of a lemon, three (3) red balls with an image of cherries, and one (1) orange ball with the number 7. The images are visible on the balls from several angles.
  • Bet – a specific game ID selected by the bettor and the stake wagered on it.
  • Stake – the monetary amount that the bettor offers to the bookmaker, which will be multiplied by the odds to determine the amount of winnings if their bet or bets win. The stake can be selected from amongst the quick bet buttons at the bottom of the bet slip, entered manually in “one-click” mode, or selected using the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the amount.

1.8. Paytable – the table at the top of the video, which determines the possible winnings. The winnings depend on the amount of the bet and the number of matches determined by the result of a particular game.

1.9. Current game – a game that bets can be placed on at the current moment, and a countdown to the start of the live stream for this game is shown on the broadcast monitor.

1.10. Upcoming games – games that bets can be placed on at the current moment, but the broadcasts for these games will take place one after another, after the live stream of the current game. Bettors can place bets up to 100 draws in advance.

1.11. Paytable – a table showing 7 cells with a number of possible matches needed for a bet to win – 4 to 10 – and an eighth cell for the number 7. Payouts are awarded to bettors in accordance with this table. Once the number of images that align during a draw corresponds to one of the cells in the table, that cell turns gold. The number of matches is also shown as a digit over the mixing chamber in the stream – if the bet wins, then the number turns gold. If it loses, the number stays silver.

1.12. Bet Slip – an electronic document that confirms an agreement between a player and the betting company about one or more bets. The bet slip contains the following details: date, time, bet slip number, bet information, bet amount, odds, and other. The bet slip allows to add bets on the current and/or future rounds.

1.13. Jackpot – a potential bonus additional to the bet slip winnings, which is awarded at random. The current jackpot amount is displayed on the game broadcast monitor and may be awarded in all available games.

1.14. Mega Jackpot – a potential bonus additional to the bet slip winnings, but larger than a regular jackpot. It is awarded at random, but less frequently than the regular jackpot. The current mega jackpot amount is displayed on the game broadcast monitor and may be awarded in all games.

1.15. Fruitrace Jackpot – a potential bonus additional to the bet slip winnings, which is awarded at random and consists of contributions from bets placed by all players, but only from those placed in Fruitrace games.


2.1. A presenter introduces each new Fruitrace game and announces the results (the number of matches) at the end.

2.2. In a game or a series of games, bets are accepted on the images in the comparison panel matching those on the balls lined up directly alongside it.

2.2.1. Winnings are settled based on the number of matches (see 6.1.).

2.2.2. The minimum number of balls that need to align with the comparison panel is four (4).

2.2.3. A win is determined by both the number of aligned fruit symbols and whether the number 7 is aligned. E.g. if three (3) fruits and the 7 are aligned, the result is 4 matches.

2.2.4. For a win with one 7, only one clean match is needed (with the 7). No other images need to match (align). When the 7 aligns and one (1) or two (2) fruit symbols also align, this is not considered a clean match. The minimum number of total matches (4) is also not reached.

2.2.5. By default, the stake is accepted in one mode only – on every event.

2.2.6. Bets are placed as “one-click” bets.

2.3. During a single game, all ten (10) balls are mixed and drawn into the result tube once only.

2.4. A game is considered to have taken place successfully if all ten (10) balls are drawn from the mixing chamber into the result tube and are stacked vertically alongside the comparison panel.

2.5. The result of the game is the number of images in the comparison panel that match the images on the balls directly alongside it.

2.6. Bets are accepted as single bets only.

2.7. Each current game includes only one round for submitting bet slips for participation.

2.8. In the current game, a bet can be placed on up to 100 games in advance.

2.9. The betting round for the current game lasts for approximately 30 seconds. When the broadcast of the current game ends, the betting round for the next game starts immediately.

2.10. The live stream for the current game begins at the end of the countdown to the end of the betting round, and lasts for 30 seconds.

2.11. When the jackpot is won, the winner is notified by a message on their bet slip and in the broadcast.

2.11.1. The jackpot can be won only by a player with a winning bet slip.

2.11.2. The winnings from the jackpot are added to the amount to be paid out for a winning bet slip.

2.12. Game settings that are regulated by the betting company:

2.12.1. Jackpot management

2.12.2. Maximum and minimum stake, the maximum winnings from a bet slip or outcome, and other financial limits

2.12.3. Paytable


3.1. Cancelation of the results of a game:

3.1.1. The results of a game may be canceled due to technical reasons such as problems with internet connection, technical issues in the studio, or presenter errors.

3.1.2. Disruptions in the operation of the lottery machine which will lead to the cancelation of the results of a game: The balls are not dropped from the result tube into the mixing chamber to be mixed and drawn, but the game has already started in the program. Fewer than ten (10) balls have been drawn into the result tube by the time the countdown for the round has ended.

3.1.3. Actions of the presenter which will lead to the cancelation of the results of a game: The presenter physically disrupts the process of mixing or drawing the balls, or obstructs the display of the balls in the result tube.

3.2. If during the broadcast the sound disappears or the presenter announces the wrong number of the selected ball, the number shown in the broadcast of the game is considered correct.

3.2.1. If a player is not able to watch the live broadcast of the game due to technical problems on his/her end (internet connection is lost, browser or PC freezes, power outage, etc.), but the recording of this broadcast is in the results archive, then the game is considered to have taken place.

3.2.2. Technical problems with the broadcast of the sports channel or an incorrect time shown on the clock in the studio are not grounds for canceling the results of a game, but serve only as additional confirmation that the game is broadcast live.

3.2.3. The results of each game that has taken place and the archive of video broadcasts can be found on the website of the game organizer.


4.1. Games are held every minute, 24/7, with maintenance breaks.

4.1.1. TVBET has the right to change the time of a betting round and the broadcast time.

4.1.2. A digital clock is shown as confirmation for bettors that the game is broadcast live.

4.1.3. Scheduled maintenance works are held every Tuesday (7:00–7:30 GMT +2).


5.1. Lottery machine (see 1.1.)

5.2. A set of 10 (ten) balls (see 1.5.)

    • Calculating winnings:
Outcome name Odds
Only the 7-ball matches See in game
4 matches See in game
5 matches See in game
6 matches See in game
7 matches See in game
8 matches See in game
9 matches See in game
10 matches See in game


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