How to use DirectBit

DirectBit is the hassle-free way to make an instant deposit with Visa or MasterCard by allowing you to instantly purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and automatically transfer funds to your account.

This is a safe, secure and instant option.

  1. Login to your MyBookie account
  2. Go to the deposit section of your gaming account.
  3. Click/tap on the ‘Bitquick’ option.
  4. Type or select the desired deposit amount.
  5. Click / tap on the ‘Deposit’ green button.
  6. Verify the information in the Order summary presented to you.
  7. Click / tap on the ‘Confirm‘ button.
  8. Enter your card information, and tap/click ‘Continue‘.
  9. Follow the instructions presented to you.

When the transaction is approved funds will be available to you immediately.

Minimum deposit amount: $45
Maximum deposit amount $500


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