Racebook: MyBookie Racebook Rules

  1. MyBookie pays track odds up to the house limits, as specified in our max payouts.
  2. The minimum wager amount for all horse wagers is $0.05.
  3. There’s a maximum net profit on each individual race based on the track lists. Daily doubles, pick 3s, pick 4s and pick 6s count toward the last race in its sequence when calculating the race profit. The formula is Net Profit = Net Payout – Total Amount Wagered. This resets for every individual race.
  4. There are no house odds. If there are no track payoffs for a certain type of wager, MyBookie will refund all wagers on that type.
  5. If a track isn’t listed on the track list, the maximum net profit defaults to $1,000. MyBookie will grade your action upon management approval.
  6. Any attempt to pay negative pool hedges will result in account suspension.
  7. MyBookie identifies horses by saddle-cloth number, not by name. You are responsible for your selections of horse numbers and race numbers.
  8. When you bet on a coupled horse, your wager includes all horses racing under said number. If part of an entry is scratched and part of an entry runs, all wagers have action. “Must go” action is not part of the entry.
  9. MyBookie always will compare the time it accepts a wager with the off time the track provides and grade accordingly. MyBookie takes seconds into consideration. If MyBookie accepts a wager after the race starts, your wager will be disqualified from any winnings and refunded.
  10. MyBookie reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove customers from our Horse Rebate Program at any time.
  11. Bets placed on the Racebook do not contribute towards your rollover requirement.

Up to 8% Racebook Rebate (t/cs)

11. If a horse gets scratched, MyBookie will refund all Win/Place Show wagers. MyBookie also will refund the impacted portion of Exacta/Trifecta/Superfecta/Quinella Combos. (Please see rule regarding entries.)

12. For Daily Doubles, if a horse is scratched before any leg of pick 3s, pick 4s and pick 6s, MyBookie will pay a consolation prize on that combo, as specified by the track. If the track doesn’t pay a consolation, MyBookie will refund wagers with these combinations.

(Tracks eligible for a Rebate) A Tracks
($40,000 Max Payout)
B Tracks
($15,000 Max Payout)
C Tracks
($5,000 Max Payout)
D Tracks
($3,000 Max Payout)
E Tracks
($1,000 Max Payout)
Win Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds
Place Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds
Show Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds
Daily Double 750/1 400/1 300/1 300/1 300/1
Exacta 500/1 400/1 300/1 300/1 300/1
Quinella 400/1 300/1 300/1 300/1 300/1
Trifecta 1000/1 750/1 300/1 300/1 300/1
Superfecta 1500/1 1000/1 300/1 300/1 300/1
Pk3 1500/1 1000/1 300/1 300/1 300/1
Pk4 5000/1 2000/1 300/1 300/1 300/1

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