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Real Gamblers Bet on SIMS

No Sports, No Problem. Re-create the sweat we all miss by joining MyBookie for our Exclusive NBA2K20 SIM Betting Game.

NBA 2K20 is a basketball simulation video game franchise, based on the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Bet the game before it starts and then watch along live on streaming. It’s all the excitement and disappoint you miss from the real NBA packed into 1 hour 20 minutes of nonstop excitement.


  • The event you are wagering on is a Computer vs Computer Simulation Matchup using NBA2K20.
  • Pre-Game Wagering and Live Betting will be accepted on all matches.
  • The following game settings are used for the simulation:
      1. Hall of Fame difficulty
      2. Sliders are set to default settings based on ‘hall of fame’ game difficulty
      3. Matches are played using the 2K official Injury-free  Rosters
      4. 12-minute quarters
  • Lineups are set according to the game settings.
  • Any glitch in the game is accepted as part of the game.
  • Game updates are downloaded the morning of the matches, should any updates be available.
  • Sliders will be shown before the start of each match
  • Matchup with Rosters will be shown for 5 minutes on the screen before the start of the game
  • All games are recorded to and held for 14 days. All wagering disputes must be made within 14 days of the game date. Any disputes placed after the 14 day period has passed will not be accepted.
  • Parlays, Teasers, and Point Buys are allowed and will be opened for betting the day of the event.
  • Max Wager $250 for Straight bets and $100 for Combined bets.

Additional Information

  • Download the app on your smartphone or smart tv to watch the games in Full HD
  • Sign up an account and follow us at
    • Joining Twitch gets you access to the Gamblers Chat Room, available on all of our games.
    • Get alerts when games are starting. Never miss a match!
  • Learn more about the NBA2K Player Rating System at

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