SuperContest: $100K for a $10 entry fee

First steps

  1. Log in or create your MyBookie account
  2. You will need to have a positive cash balance before being able to purchase a $10 SuperContest entry. Make your first deposit now to win.
  3. Select Contests
  4. Select MyBookie $100K SuperContest and click on the green Enter button.

How to play

  • Pick 5 games against the spread each week.
  • Your weekly score Against the Spread (ATS) is calculated.
  • Score the most points at the end of the season and win $25,000!
  • Get the game right ATS = 1
  • Push = 0.5
  • All other outcomes: 0

The most points you can score in a week is 5.
The most points you can score in season is 90.

You get 4 additional shots to win on top of your season long total. Every 4 Weeks the player that scores the most points take home $5,000.

  • Week 1 – Week 4 Win $5,000
  • Week 5 – Week 8 Win $5,000
  • Week 9 – Week 12 Win $5,000

Week 13 – Week 16 Win $5,000

Entry is $10. Max 5 entries. Only real cash funds accepted. No Free Play.

Top 750 scores win cash prizes. No rollover requirement. Prize money deposited

Begins Thursday, September 9th, ends Monday January 10th.

Can purchase entries up until December 5th, Week 13. Must submit picks by 1pm ET each Sunday.

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