Survivor $100K Contest – How to Play


  1. Login to your MyBookie account or create an account.
  2. Go to Contests tab
  3. You’ll need to have a positive cash balance before being able to purchase a $10 Survivor entry.
  4. Click on ‘Survivor Contest’ tab
  5. Pick a winner each week to advance.
  6. You can’t select the same team more than once.
  7. Survive the longest to win the $100,000 grand prize!


  • Each game locks five minutes before its associated kickoff time.
  • Once a pick is made, the selection may be changed up until the game locks. At this time, the selection is confirmed and may not be changed.
  • The contest begins on Thursday, September 9th, 2021
  • The contest ends on January 10th, 2022
  • Contestants must submit picks for the current contest week before 8:25 pm ET on Monday night.
  • Once your pick has been submitted, a confirmation will appear on your screen informing you that your entry was submitted successfully.
  • If you still have additional entries open, keep repeating the procedure until you have submitted your picks for each one.
  • Selecting an entry will automatically load the match-ups for the current NFL week.

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