How to bet on Baseball

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Now learn about the types of bets for the Baseball.


Moneyline is the most popular bet where, in order to win, all you have to do is pick the victorious team.

Starting with 100, which means each team has an equal chance to win, each team is assigned a number. If the Boston Red Sox are (+150) over the Chicago Cubs and they win, for every $100 you bet, you will get your original $100.00 back, plus, you’ll win $150. Conversely, the Cubs may be (-130) and in order to win $100.00, you would have to bet $130.


A runline bet is a bet made based on the total number of runs scored in an official nine inning (8.5 innings if home team wins) or longer game.

All you need to do is choose whether the score will be higher or lower (“over/under bet”) than the runs posted in the game line. If you are correct, you will win.


Pick the winner of a series during the regular season and you win. This becomes a much more popular bet type during the baseball postseason, where Playoff Series and the World Series have more meaning.

For this type of bet, there are odds set, based on the probability of each team winning the series.


A parlay is a bet where you must correctly pick the winner in two or more games. The run line for each game is the same as if you were betting on an individual game, but each game’s potential winnings are added to the next.

It is a chance to win a large sum if you are right, but if you get one team wrong, you lose the bet. The larger the parlay (total games in combined bet), the harder it is to win. It’s not my favorite bet to make but if you’re willing to gamble a little bit the bigger the reward at the end.


In baseball, these propositional bets or props bets can range widely. Usually, they are taken as questions.

Here are some examples:

  • Will any runs be scored in the first inning?
  • Who will get the first hit in the game?
  • How many home-runs will be hit, and so on.
  • Who will win the batting title?
  • Which Pitcher will win the Cy Young Award?


Several popular types are the number of games a team will win for the season, if they make the Playoffs and if they win the World Series.

Odds are assessed based on information gathered before the first game is played.

For a complete list of baseball betting rules click here.

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