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    Rules Regarding Bonuses

    MyBookie bonuses are subject to the following rules and regulations:

    1. Promotions and bonuses are restricted to one per deposit, person, account, household, email, telephone number, singular payment account, and shared computer, such as a school, public library, or workplace computer. MyBookie does not make exceptions to this rule.
    2. All promotions exist for recreational players only. Management reserves the right to refute or retract any bonus or promotions at who fall outside of this designation. 
    3. A member that opens multiple accounts for the purpose of receiving multiple bonuses is in violation of these bonus policies. If a member engages in this activity, all accounts will be subject to immediate closure.
    4. If a member controls multiple accounts, all promotional bonuses, credits achieved, and winnings produced from the account will be void and subtracted from the account.
    5. Customers wagering on steam plays or participating in a gambling organization, or who misuse our bonus and promotions program, will have all promotions canceled. Those customers will forfeit all winnings from promotions.
    6. Repeated deposits on top of an active balance are not eligible for the bonus program. Management reserves the right to refute or retract any bonus or promotions to players who abuse the bonus system in such a manner. Those customers will forfeit all winnings from promotions.
    7. MyBookie only offers bonuses on new money deposited to an account. If a client has recently withdrawn funds from his or her account, the client will be required to make up the total amount of the payout in deposits before being eligible for a bonus.
    8. Customers cannot retroactively forfeit a bonus after receiving one. Customers must follow all terms and conditions regarding bonuses before MyBookie will issue any payouts.
    9. For rollover determinations, the lesser amount between the ‘risk’ and the ‘win’ on each eligible wager will apply toward the requirement.
    10. The ‘risk’ amount of a free play does not count toward any of the rollover.
    11. Rollover means you must wager the quantified amount at least that many times before requesting a payout. For example, a customer deposits $100 and receives a 10% ($10) re-up bonus with a 5x rollover prerequisite. That customer needs to put $550 in action before requesting a payout. ($110, deposit + bonus, x5.)
    12. Once you receive a bonus, you cannot request a payout until you meet the rollover obligation.
    13. Rollover calculations start from the moment a customer places their first post-deposit wager, unless otherwise specified in the bonus terms and conditions.
    14. Rollover calculations do not include any pending wagers. Only settled wagers with a status of win or loss count toward the rollover requirement.
    15. Wagers that result in a termination due to a postponed event, or wagers that result in a push or no action, do not count toward the rollover requirement.
    16. Should a free-play wager result in an annulment or No Action, the customer must contact our wagering department via phone or email to get the amount refunded to their free-play balance.
    17. If a customer with an ongoing balance from a previous deposit funds his or her account again, and one or both of the deposits are associated with a bonus, he or she must finish all rollover requirements and holding periods before requesting a payout.
    18. Customers given promotions, including No Deposit promotions and contest winnings from affiliates or sponsor sites, must comply with all terms and regulations of such promotions before requesting a payout.
    19. Promotions cannot be used in conjunction with other bonuses or promotions.
    20. Restrictions apply on circled and limited games.
    21. MyBookie considers wagering on both sides of the game using any form of promotional money (free play or cash bonus) to be duplicitous conduct. This includes making bets of this nature through any of our affiliate sites. Any money won from playing both sides of the same game will be deducted, along with any other promotional money endorsed to the customer. It may also result in annulment of the client’s wagering account, and the client could accrue additional penalties based on the offense.
    22. Wagering on both sides of the same game for the sole determination of finishing a rollover obligation is absolutely forbidden. Such wagers will not count toward the rollover requirements. Any winnings resulting from such activity will be overturned.
    23. For all MyBookie non-deposit bonuses, the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from winnings generated by the non-deposit bonus is $125. Once  a withdrawal is requested, remaining funds will be reduced to zero.
    24. MyBookie reserves the right to cancel or modify all promotional offerings and policies without warning or prior notice.
    25. MyBookie reserves the right to remove the availability of all offers to a customer at any time.
    26. These bonus and promotion rules will supplant any verbal or written offering by any MyBookie employee.


    General Bonus Rules
    • Deposit bonuses are optional. You must request them when you make a deposit. Please enter the “promo code” for the bonus you want to use when you make your deposit. For example, use promo code MYB25 to receive a 25% sports bonus. MyBookie will assess your bonus request, and if your account is eligible, MyBookie will add the bonus to your account immediately.
    • Other bonuses, such as Casino bonuses, are optional. You must request them using the instructions provided in the terms of each particular bonus.
    • Once you accept a bonus, MyBookie deems that you have read and agreed to all terms, rules and requirements listed on this page.
    • You agree not to request a withdrawal prior to meeting all stipulations, including rollover requirements.
    • MyBookie defines the minimum rollover requirement as [deposit + fees + bonus] multiplied by [number of the required rollover].
    • MyBookie’s maximum bonus is $1,000. You must deposit a minimum of $45, regardless of deposit method, to qualify for a bonus.
    • MyBookie sometimes offers promotions that require higher rollover requirements. You must adhere to these requirements prior to any withdrawal request.
    • You can’t transfer bonuses. They have no inherent cash value. A bonus only gains cash value after you meet all stipulations, including rollover requirements.
    • If you’ve taken a payout or payouts in the last 15 days, you are only eligible for a re-deposit or reload bonus on the amount of your deposit that exceeds your cumulative withdrawal amount within those 15 days.
    • If MyBookie detects any pattern of “recycling/churning” or “bonus arbitrage,” it will remove all bonuses and winnings from your account without notice. MyBookie defines “recycling/churning” as money you withdraw and re-deposit in an effort to accrue or profit from bonuses. MyBookie defines “bonus arbitrage” as accounts you manage in an effort to accrue or profit from bonuses.
    • Bonuses are for recreational players. MyBookie reserves the right to deny and/or cancel bonuses and winnings from bonuses without further explanation if management determines you are a non-recreational player, arbitrage better, scalper, bonus arbitrager or part of a syndicate.
    • MyBookie reserves the right to take away any bonus at any time without explanation.
    • Make sure you understand and agree to all policies prior to accepting any bonus. Email MyBookie’s player services department at if you have any questions regarding MyBookie’s policies.


    Non-Deposit Bonuses

    Unless otherwise stipulated on a bonus’ specific Rules and Regulations, the following restrictions will apply to any non-deposit bonus:

    1. Free play bonuses have a 15-time rollover based on the free play or winning amount (whichever amount is largest).
    2. Cash bonuses have a 25-time rollover based on the bonus amount.
    3. The player must be an active client for at least 30 days and have an average of at least 7 bets per week.
    4. If the bonus is intended for casino activity the player must complete the necessary action on the corresponding game (if exclusive).
    5. Casino bonuses have a maximum cash out of $100. The remaining balance will be forfeited.
    6. Whenever a maximum cash out applies, your cash out will not exceed more than 10 times the original cash bonus/free play amount. The remaining balance will be forfeited.
    7. If you have any questions regarding our policies email Player Services department at


    Cash Bonus Rules

    We offer cash bonuses on select promotions from time to time. These promotions have a limited time offering to qualified clients. All rollover requirements for cash bonuses must be met by wagering on sports and does not include casino or horse racing action. As with all bonuses and promotions offered by MyBookie, all rollover and play through periods must be accomplished before any withdrawal can be made.

    Players who receive Promotional $10, $15 & $25 Free Plays must comply with the following rules:

    • Players must complete a 15x rollover
    • Must wait 30 days before withdrawal
    • Rollover requirements must be met in full in order to cash out or receive any other bonus.
    • There’s a maximum withdrawal of $250 allowed with this bonus.


    Cash Back Bonus Rules

    MyBookie offers cash back to players in February and August. MyBookie calculates your cash back by subtracting your withdrawals from your deposits. We give you a bonus equaling 10% of the difference.

    • You can submit cash-back requests from Feb. 1 to Feb. 15 and Aug. 1 to Aug. 15.
    • You must have an active account for the previous 5 months for new accounts and 6 months for existing accounts in order to qualify.
    • You must make a minimum of one deposit during the measured period.
    • MyBookie calculates cash back using deposits and withdrawals from the specified period.
    • MyBookie will include your account balance and pending withdrawals on Feb. 1 and Aug. 1 in the calculation.
    • You must make a minimum of 2 wagers every 7 days beginning on the first day of each month, in order to maintain eligibility for cash back.
    • Cash back free play cash is subject to a 3-time rollover requirement before you are eligible for withdrawal.
    • Players that don’t fully qualify with 6 consecutive months of sufficient activity may qualify for a prorated “net losses” bonus at management’s discretion.


    Free Play and Match Play Rules and Regulations

    You can use free plays and match plays on any sport, and on straight bets, parlays, props or live betting. You can’t buy points on free plays. MyBookie displays free plays separately from your cash balance. You must meet all rollover requirements by wagering on sports, which excludes casino, live betting or horse racing action.


    Free-Play Restrictions
    • MyBookie does not allow use of free plays on controlled or restricted games.
    • MyBookie’s maximum wager limits for each sporting event also apply to free play funds.
    • Free plays are limited to winnings.

    Casino Bonus Eligibility

    MyBookie’s Flash Casino bonuses are intended for recreational bettors only. MyBookie may revoke bonuses or impose further sanctions to players deemed to be professional or abusing the bonus system, at the discretion of MyBookie management.

    If MyBookie believes a customer is not eligible for the bonuses or promotions he or she has collected, MyBookie eserves the right to refute or reverse any bonus, and winnings that result from bonuses, at any time.

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