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    Cricket Rules

    Cricket Rules

    1. Wagers on matches affected by the weather will be settled in line with the official result provided (in the case of Test Matches), at least one ball has been bowled. In the event a test match is abandoned due to weather before a ball has been bowled or a match being abandoned for any reason other than weather, all bets will be graded “No Action”
    2. Wagers on Test Series betting are official once the full number of Tests have been played, otherwise wagers will be graded as “No Action”. 
      1. Wagers on individual Tests will stand.
    3. For One Day Internationals, in the event of a tie, match bets will be graded “No Action” unless draw was offered as a wagering option.
    4. A wager is deemed a Future wager if the event is offered for wagering one week prior to the tournament/event starting. All bets on Future matches have action whether competitors compete or not.
    5. All grading disputes will be settled using as the official source.

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