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    Soccer Rules

    Soccer Rules

    1. All soccer matches are based on the results at the end of 90 minutes of play, including any injury or stoppage time, unless otherwise stated.
      1. Friendly Matches are graded according to the result when the game finishes (not including extra time), regardless of whether the full 90 minutes are played.
      2. First half wagers are considered official once the first half is complete.
    2. A match must be played within 48 hours of the originally scheduled kickoff or wagers on the match will be graded “No Action”
    3. If the match venue is changed (other than to the away teams location), the wagers already placed will stand, provided the home team is still the home team. If the home and away team for a listed match are reversed then wagers placed on the original match will be graded “No Action”
    4. Every effort will be made to quote all possible participants for player to score the first/last goal in a game, however, if the situation arises that a player not quoted scores the first/last goal will count as a winner for that player. 
      1. Wagers on players not taking part in the match will be “No Action”, as will wagers on first goal scorer if the player comes on after the first goal has been scored.
      2. All soccer wagers except first, last and anytime goal scorer include own goals.
    5. For wagers on bookings, a yellow card counts as one booking where a red card counts as two bookings.
      1. For total booking points, a yellow card counts for 1 point and a red card counts as 2 points.
    6. For Asian handicaps, the handicap applies to the final match result and the team with the most goals after the handicap is applied is the winner.
    7. Soccer moneyline wagers have three outcomes: home team win, away team win and draw. Draw occurs when a game is tied after 90 minutes of regulation time plus injury/stoppage time. There is no Push option on Soccer moneylines.
    8. Wagers made on a team winning a specific cup or trophy will have action through Extra Time and Penalties.
    9. All grading disputes will be resolved using

    Soccer Live Betting

    1. Live soccer wagers are graded according to the result after 90 minutes plus injury time, unless otherwise stated.
    2. Live soccer Asian handicap wagers are for the match from the point the wager is accepted, goals/corners/bookings that occurred prior to the wager being accepted do not count towards the live Asian handicap.
    3. Wagers will not be accepted when wagering is suspended for goals, penalties, dangerous free kicks, corner kicks or similar game changing situations.
    4. All grading disputes will be resolved using

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