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    Are there withdrawal fees?

    Nobody likes to pay fees for anything, whether it's a convenience fee at an ATM, or a processing fee for a purchase we've made. 

    Within the online sports betting industry, payout fees are part of the process, regardless of where you play. 

    The good news is that fees associated with withdrawing from MyBookie are very reasonable and in some cases can be eliminated entirely. 

    At MyBookie all of our players are eligible for 3 free payouts per year regardless of the payout method. Our VIP players enjoy monthly free payouts, and of course, anyone withdrawing via Bitcoin will never be charged a fee for their payout.

    If you feel you are eligible for a free payout, please contact our Customer Service team and they will confirm that you qualify.



    Requested Amount

    Delivery Time



    $25 - $5000
    24 Hours


    $50 – $200

    5-7 Business Days


    $201 – $750

    5-7 Business Days


    $751 – $2000

    5-7 Business Days


    $2001 – $3000

    5-7 Business Days


    Bank Wire

    $500 – $1999

    5-7 Business Days


    $2000 – $4000

    5-7 Business Days


    $4001 – $5000

    5-7 Business Days


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